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(WARNING: This contains strong opinions, these are NOT the opinions of UpBeat but the opinions of people on social media and Bex)

It's been 2 days since the highly anticipated yearly YouTube rewind came out and there have been some mixed reviews, some people love it but... most people hate it. 
Youtube rewind this year was titled "Everyone controls Rewind" This consisted of a bunch of YouTube 'stars' saying what they would like to if they controlled Rewind!
A few of the creators featured in rewind were as followed:






Liza Koshy






Will Smith

(Unfortunately, if I was to add all 40 featured creators this article would be extremely long so let's not do that)

Throughout the 2 days rewind has been out there have been many reviews and opinions spread all over social media about this. There are some positive opinions but the opinions are mostly negative. This is due to people feeling that this year's rewind didn't represent YouTube's creators but rather YouTube as a company. People thought that YouTube was hiding the community's biggest moments in order please advertisers.

Most people would probably point straight away to Logan Paul’s controversy, a multi million-dollar boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul, and the never-ending battle between PewDiePie and T-Series. There were also multiple breakups between well-known YouTubers, the rise of Johnny Johnny Yes Papa as both a loved song and a downright meme, TikTok and Shane Dawson ruling YouTube by re-imagining what YouTubers could create. Yet, no of these were even referenced or even appeared in the video. Why?

Ignoring the moments that YouTube’s community cares about and pays attention to was a bad idea as it brought a lot of hate towards the video and BeBLSxu.pngYouTube as a whole. The like to dislike ratio has been the worst for any YouTube rewind that has occurred as can be seen in the image to the right, 

this just shows the extent of dislike this year's YouTube rewind has received. what do you think about this? Personally, I feel that it shows how YouTube has declined through the years and how it no longer seems to care about the community and its creators. 

Shane Dawson received a lot of attention when he tweeted: “How the fuck they gonna do a mukbang moment and not have Trisha Paytas,” Trisha was not included this year as like many others such as PewDiePie were penalised as YouTube thought that the content they produced was less than adequate for advertisers. This has annoyed many of viewers not only creators on YouTube and even though there were tons of creators in this year's rewind, whoever was behind it didn't listen to last years criticism and just rushed the rewind.

The like to dislike ratio can be seen below (accurate at the time of this article):


(Note: The like to dislike ratio image at the top of the article was from 2pm on 9th December, within less than 24 hours, the dislikes have increased by 1.1 million.)

Charlie - Media Manager

What are your opinions on youtube rewind this year? Let us know below!

9 months ago
I actually didn't know that youtube could fuck it up so bad this year. I thought last year was bad, that's fucking false now LOL
9 months ago
Well this is a lesson for YouTube, Learn from your mistakes and go back to what worked. Also this may be the last YouTube Rewind we will be able to see if Article 13 goes through as it stands.
9 months ago
Shit. Tbhhh I feel bad for them... Not YouTube, the creators... All YouTube cares about is their advertisers.
9 months ago
PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star - Where the fuck are these peeps? :(
9 months ago
+ trisha paytas!
9 months ago
9 months ago
god no