Amazon to open cashier-less stores in airports
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Retail giant Amazon has announced it will be opening physical stores within airports.

The stores will be named 'Amazon Go' and will not have any cashiers or even self-checkouts. Instead, motion detectors in the store will detect the items you pick up and charge them to your Amazon account.

This model Amazon has been experimenting with since late 2017, when it first announced it would venture into physical retailing. It's first cashier-less store opened in Seattle in January, and the chain has since expanded across the US West Coast, as well as in Chicago and New York.

Amazon says the cashier-less model makes sense in time-constrained areas such as airports and train stations. "In an environment where time is critical, Amazon's Go concept would seem to be an ideal fit in an airport. No more waiting or bypassing a much-needed snack because of long lines or distracted staff."  The company believes that by allowing customers to simply walk out of the store with what they need, the chance of passengers missing flights or trains will decrease, as they won't be held up by long checkout lines.

The first airports to feature an Amazon Go store will reportedly be Los Angeles International Airport and San Jose International Airport, both in California.

“I am looking forward to moving forward with the Amazon Go technology at the airport," San Jose Airport's technical manager said in an interview with Reuters.



To enter the store, you need to generate a ticket from the Amazon mobile app and scan it as you enter. This tells the system that you are in the store.


Then, motion detectors detect your movements in the store. When you pick up a product, the system detects it and adds it to your Amazon account basket. If you place that item back on the shelf, it will remove the item.

Once you are done shopping, you can simply walk out of the store. The system will detect you have left the store, and then charge the balance to your Amazon account. There is no human interaction or queuing.

amazon's high street ventures

After killing off most high street shops, Amazon has found another assault method, and that's to actually open it's own high street shops.

However, you won't found a store with every single Amazon product in. Alongside it's Amazon Go stores, the company also runs a single book shop in Seattle. This is meant to be a bit of throwback to when Amazon first started as an online book specialist.

In August 2017, Amazon purchased the international grocery chain 'Whole Foods'. It is believed many Whole Foods stores could adopt the Amazon Go cashier less model.


Above: Some of Amazon's immediate changes to Whole Foods.

Amazon says it will have 3,000 go stores by 2021.
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