Robbie Williams performs with Take That
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Take that reunite with Robbie on star performance


X Factor Judge and now solo performer, Robbie Williams, rejoined his old band for two nights on the X Factor live final after odds were cut to 1/2 just before the show and also at an opening gala of new musical ‘The Band’ based around Take That. It comes after Take That’s new album, Odyssey, became the fastest-selling album of 2018.

On the X Factor, Take That took to the stage just before the results and gave a star-studded performance of ‘Shine’ for the first time since it became modernised in their recent album, Odyssey. Viewers saw this as an interesting choice of song and made it quite obvious that Robbie would join them on stage as ‘Shine’ was written by Mark about Robbie when he left Take That. 

Gary Barlow, who is known for having a very public feud with Robbie Williams, then counted in the next song when Robbie Williams stood up with a microphone. Other notable signs were that Robbie was in a similar suit as all of the Take That members. They then sang ‘Everything Changes’ which was highly criticised by the public for being a "vocal lacklustre".

Some people disregarded the criticism and took to Twitter saying with one person notably saying "Robbie with Take That, what a treat!" whilst other people said, "Even Robbie joining in this Take That performance hasn’t made it anything less than flat."

Robbie has joined Take That in an interview saying that he is glad they are a product of the 1990s and also challenged the Spice Girls, who were also 1990s stars, to a dance-off. He also reflected on Take That’s "phenomenal rise to fame". Finally, he revealed that he would join Take That on their Odyssey tour but only on limited dates saying that they "got there in the end".

Take That remains the biggest selling British boy band of all time.

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