Tumblr to ban all adult content
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Tumblr to ban adult content by December 17th

lkSAuEb.pngFounded in 2007, Tumblr allows users to post a variety of content such as blogs, videos and pictures. The site has been widely known for its acceptance of any type of content to be uploaded to its platform, providing that it is legal. 

Despite this, on December 3 Tumblr released a blog post on the sites staff dashboard announcing that it was going to ban all adult content by December 17th. Adult content, as defined by Tumblr, is content which "primarily includes photos, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples," as well as content "that depicts sex acts."

There are exceptions to these new guidelines, however, with "visual breastfeeding, birth and after-birth moments" being allowed alongside "erotica and nudity related to political or newsworthy speeches". 

An automated algorithm has already been put in place in order to detect adult content. There are expectations that there may be some incorrect flags from the system with Tumblr telling its user that the algorithm depends on machine learning, meaning human feedback through manual reports will be needed in order to make the automated system for accurate and effective. 

TechCrunch reported in 2013 that 11.4% of the top 200 000, making 22 800, Tumblr domains were dedicated to adult content. As well as this find, 24% of traffic directed towards Tumblr was from adult content related sites. This made the porn industry the largest contributor to Tumblr's traffic.

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