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Battle Scars
Hi I'm GTR, StagecoachSouth's and TruckersMP's own Phoenix (Head On Over To My Twitter - @Phoenix_SC_GTR) I'm At The Point Of Breaking And Its Impossible To Shake It - See, You Hoped The Wound Heals But It Never Does! - These Battle Scars, Don't Look Like They're Fading Don't Look Like They're Ever Going Away They Ain't Never Gonna Change These Battle Scars #MyLife is my Road.... I have To push 'N' shove to stay in the lane i'm routed on even if that means i get more scars and damage. In the end i'm falling apart, no matter what i try and accomplish! I put my Trust In You, Pushed as far as i can go For all this, there's only one thing you should know - I Tried So Hard and Got So Far and got so far But in the end it doesn't even matter, I had To Fall To Lose It all! Its Hard To Stay Stronger Than you look.... Verbal abuse doesn't bother me anymore .... i mostly show no emotion to it out on the Rail and bus network and Twitter! On Behalf Of Govia Thameslink Railway and Stagecoach South - I hope you have a Pleasant Time Here On This Website!
2 months ago
Hey There All! (probably gonna get alot of Rubbish here) Just a Heads up Im Back From the 10Th January 2020!!
2 months ago
girl stop COMING IN AND OUT OF HOSTING. its annoying it isnt that good GOSH.
2 months ago
Hey There Sorry about that, That Was Due To Technical issues which are now resolved
2 months ago
2 months ago
Hey There! Glad You Like My Shows! Got More New Music Coming Along Soon too plus few other tweeks too! #TeamGTR #MoreMusicVeriaty
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14th Sep 2019
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