About Us
UpBeat is a non-profit international radio which strives to provide non-stop, quality radio and news entertainment.
Our Story
In late spring of 2016, a concept became a reality - a concept that's main purpose was to bring smaller communities together with a universal radio.
The idea slowly but surely took shape as Jack and Liz worked hard on it's identity, including picking the perfect name, slogan and logo.
This is what we now know and love today, as UpBeat.
Ever since we’ve opened, UpBeat has always been a welcoming community. We're extremely proud to have a diverse user base that's not from just one place, but all around the world. Whether you're listening, reading, presenting or writing, UpBeat wouldn't be where is is today without you, our amazing audience. We're very thankful to everyone that has believed in UpBeat since the initial launch.
As well as being a free service to the public, we're also very open minded when it comes to hiring new members of staff. We pride ourselves on giving people of all ages and interests to try their hand at live broadcasting. Some do it for fun, some do it to experience something new, and some do it because they hope to be professional presenters in the future.
For those that are more interested in journalism, we also have a news department that keeps UpBeat up-to-date with the latest news!
UpBeat is the first online radio station to run with a partnership system. A system where owners of other websites can use UpBeat as entertainment for their users.
Ever since we introduced this format, lot's of other online radios have been created, but UpBeat remains to be at the top thanks to all of you!
History of UpBeat
Version One
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Version Two
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