Remembrance Sunday - Behind the Poppies
What type of poppies can you expect to see this Rememberance Sunday?


what do the poppies represent? 

11th November 1918. That is when the guns fell silent in the war that was supposed to end all wars and every year since we have remembered this date to commemorate the War and those who lost their lives in it but is that all you should be thinking about this Remembrance Sunday?

Many of you will choose to wear the classic red poppy on the weeks before and following Armistice Day and this is to pay respect to those humans who have lost their lives fighting for their individual countries liberty and morals. In the UK, you buy a red poppy from the Royal British Legion and this will go to support those who are part of the British Armed Forces or used to be in the forces, they provide financial, social and emotional support.

Others of you may decide to wear a white poppy, this is a symbol of being a pacifist and can be worn in addition or separately from the Royal British Legion poppy. This helps to represent the victims of all wars not just the World Wars. Those who wear the white poppy may argue that the red poppy conveys one specific government powered message.  The Royal British Legion has suggested that they do not mind if people decide to wear white poppies instead of red poppies.

There are also purple poppies that are used to commemorate the animals, such as horses or domestic household pets, who were injured or died in a war. Statistics show that at least 8 million horses died in the First World War due to their uses of carrying ammunition to the front line. It is also believed many Dogs died due to their duties that included finding mines and digging out the victims of bombings. This is widely sold by Pet Shops and they sell out yearly.

Finally, there is a black poppy that is used to represent any of the conscientious objectors of World War One. This is represented by the Stop the War Coalition which reported that as many as 16,000 black poppies were sold in Glasgow alone.             

what poppy will you be wearing? What does it mean to you?
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5 months ago
I always wear red, but remembrance day is honestly so important to me. It's just remembering the people who shaped our future by risking their lives.
6 months ago
Wearing a white poppy for the first time this year. Didn't know that Purple or Black poppies existed until I read this article, so thanks :D