Poundland adds Donald Trump hats to Halloween range
The discount chain claims it was a mistake in one store

Poundland has placed a trump "make america great again" hat with halloween outfits...


One of the company's stores in Glasgow, Scotland was found to be selling the accessories near it's Halloween section.

Social media users have been sharing the above image questioning whether the placement was a joke or intentional. The user who originally posted the photo said “This has got to be a joke” however other users and even a company spokesman have been quick to make jokes. One user commented “Well, it’s bonfire night soonish, so I suppose you could burn a bunch of these if you’re running short on firewood.”

When asked, a company spokesperson said "It’s a rogue item from last year’s Halloween range that seems to have found its way back on the shop floor. Scary." However another statement has since been issued.

The company explained that the hats are unsold stock from Trump's state visit to the UK earlier this year. The chain decided to begin selling a range of Trump themed products, from the famous hats to figurines and masks, around that time, however the range was not a big hit so the company still has products from the range which remain unsold.

The pound store chain admitted that they have asked some stores to restock the items as part of their Halloween range in hopes of clearing them. They have apologised for any offence caused.

Still, isn't it amusing to see the hats being sold for just £1?!

7 months ago
For only £1? I'll be buying one of them for laugh then!
7 months ago