Major UK oil refinery up in flames, workers evacuated
Stanlow Oil Refinery in Cheshire went up in flames on Wednesday, all staff were accounted for.


A fire broke out at a chemical plant owned by Shell. The oil refinery, in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, was evacuated after one of the plants went up in a fireball explosion on Wednesday. Chester Fire Service was called out at 2.16 pm after "reports of a fire at the Stanlow oil refinery on Oil Sites Road, Ellesmere Port."

The major UK oil refinery, which is operated by Essar Oils, supplies 16% of the road transport fuels used in the United Kingdom. Thick black clouds were seen across the surrounding areas throughout Wednesday afternoon. The refinery currently has 900 employees and 500 contractors that work on the site, and all were safe and accounted for.

The fire service said, "Firefighters have been called to reports of a fire at Stanlow oil refinery in Oil Site Road, Ellesmere Port. All staff have been accounted for and have been evacuated. Crews are working with onsite firefighters to extinguish the fire which is believed to be in a manufacturing building within the plant."

Essar released a statement saying, "Earlier this afternoon a fire occurred at the SHOP chemical plant, close to the Manchester Ship Canal. Both Stanlow's own site Emergency Services Team and the Cheshire County Fire Service attended to deal with the incident. All personnel on the SHOP unit were quickly accounted for. The fire has now been extinguished. Operations and production of fuels and other products from Stanlow Refinery have not been affected. All supplies to customers are normal."

For me this was a scary incident as I live in an extremely near by village. If anything was to go wrong it would have been really scary for me.  Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments on this incident.