Man arrested over 'horrific' attack in London
The man left 2 women brutally injured on the streets of London.


Image of the scene where the crime took place.

A man has been arrested over the critical attack of 2 women in south-east London. Named as Joe Xuereb, aged 27, he was arrested after the attack which occurred in Eltham, London. A hammer was recovered from the scene which forensics believe was used to undertake this terrible attack which left the women critically injured.

He was taken into custody at 7:35 pm yesterday at Old Farm Avenue, Sidcup, around 2 miles from Eltham, where the attack took place. A woman made 'multiple calls' that she had seen him, and she continued to follow him in his car until the police arrived and detained him. A taser was deployed at the scene, however, it was not used. 

Detective Superintendent Jane Corrigan said,"I would like to pass my thanks to the public and the media for all their support. I am extremely proud of my colleagues and the community, who have all done so much to bring this part of the investigation to a safe resolution. It shows what can be achieved when we all work together."

The attack took place at 12:10 pm on Adderley Gardens on the 2 women, aged 30 and 64. Police were called by nearby residents after hearing screaming and seeing huge amounts of blood on the floor. The two women remain in hospital in critical conditions.