Ridiculously long jeans for 500$?
Bronze 56k released 105" long jeans that shocked everyone

There have been jeans with windows at the knee, under-butt jeans, jeans spattered with mud. And now, someone’s made a pair of unnecessarily long jeans that’ll drag behind you as you walk, making you an easy pray for elevators, escalators, or practically everything on the streets. They have a 35″ waist and are 105″ long, and cost 500$.



    Unlike many other ridiculous fashion items, the Extendo Jeans do appear to be deliberately absurd. The creators of the monstrosity, Bronze 56 K (who are actually a company that makes skater clothing), are definitely in on the joke, writing in the jeans’ description: ‘What? You’ll buy it!’. And it seems they're right, as people are actually buying it, whether to actually wear it, or just for the fun. 

      People have chosen to wear these scrunched up, and others in its true, flailing form. Although, is there really any correct way to wear 9 foot long pants?