Stormzy Offers Scholarships for Prestigious University.
He wants to give black students as much of a chance as other students.


Grime rapper Stormzy has announced that he will be launching 'The Stormzy Scholarship' at Cambridge University. He announced this at his old school, Harris City Academy, during today's A Level Results. This scholarship is set to give overachieving black students a chance to go to Cambridge University under this scholarship.

The scholarship will give 4 students tuition fees and maintenance grants paid for 4 years, which is the usual length of an undergraduate course. He will fund two students this year, and two students in 2019.

Stormzy told Radio 1 Newsbeat, "In school and college I had the ability and was almost destined to go to one of the top universities. But that didn't happen for myself... so hopefully there's another young black student out there that can have that opportunity through my scholarship."

In school, Stormzy managed to get six A*'s, three A's and three B's when he took his GCSE's, however, he did not get the chance to go to university and wants to give other students the chance that he never got.

A student at Stormzy's old school, Julia, got A*s in all her A Levels, English Literature, History and Government & Politics. She has received an offer to study at Cambridge from this September.

She said, "I didn't really know that someone that famous and that influential could come from my school, I'm definitely going to apply for the scholarship because it seems like something that students who struggle with their financial situation at university may really benefit from, especially if they come from a background similar to mine."

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the applicants must be of a black ethnicity, and they must have received an offer to study at Cambridge University.