UpBeat Miniature Awards Recap
Here's what happened if you missed the show!
UpBeat Minature Awards Recap!
Managed by DJ Fabulous
Hosted by DJ Liam!

Missed the Awards Show on Saturday Night? Here is a recap on the amazing show, managed by DJ Fabulous and hosted by DJ Liam!

The DJ That makes you laugh the Most:

 - Steph - Winner!
 - Cookie
 - Devy

Who is the most professional DJ:

- Jack - Winner!
- Liam
- Fabulous

Who is your favourite DJ:

- Sand - Winner!
- Unknown
- LilBlues

Best Female Voice:

- Fabulous - Winner!
- Dani
- Erin

Best Male Voice:

- Jack - Winner!
- Gem
- Untitled

Best Assistive Staff:

- Unknown - Winner!
- Erin 
- Lunar

Best Leading Staff:

- Callum - Winner!
- Box
- Silver

Best Senior Staff:

- Sand - Winner!
- Dani
- Steph

And that's the awards! A massive shoutout to DJ Fabulous for managing the awards and DJ Liam for getting through his sickness and hosting the awards for us!