Logan Paul's dog 'Kong' sadly dies
Logan Paul's dog Kong sadly dies after getting killed by coyotes!

Logan Paul's dog Kong sadly dies after getting killed by coyotes!

Logan Paul has confirmed the death of his dog Kong nicknamed Kong Da Savage.

Logan recently opened up about the death by uploading a YouTube video titled 'rip kong'.

Kong was killed by coyotes who wandered around the street.

In the YouTube video, Logan Paul put in some footage of when he first met Kong back in 2017.

Logan loved Kong that much that he brought Kong on the spot that day.

Since filming in the suicide forest in Japan, Logan mentioned: 

'Anything involving death given my past is obviously going to be a bit tender and difficult to navigate, and as a content creator.

I really wanted to let this one digest a bit.'

Logan Paul recalls getting a text from his neighbour warning him that the coyotes are around the street and letting him know that he should keep

Kong inside but sadly Logan wasn't at home when the incident happened.

Logan was out at a restaurant and Kong was outside when the coyotes were wandering around the street.

Logan contacted his friends to warn them to keep Kong inside but when they looked for Kong, he was nowhere to be seen.

When Logan arrived back home, he checked his security cameras and noticed a coyote chasing Kong and took Kong away.

Since this incident Logan mentioned:

'Coyotes are so slick, I can't help but feel like this was premeditated.'

Logan took to Instagram letting his fans know what happened and he wrote this:

'Well, rest in peace you little inbred, you little golden puffle poof, your tongue will forever be long & bountiful'

'My son @kongdasavage was taken by a coyote last night from our front yard, despite his savagery, he didn't stand a chance.'


Our thoughts and prayers are with Logan Paul!
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1 week ago
I used to watch Logan a lot b4 the Japan Suicide Video and Kong was always there making people laugh with his little antics, he was the world's most famous little dog and everyone despite it's owner loved the little cute thing, RIP Kong, always in our hearts, and frick the coyotes...x
1 week ago
I've always disliked Logan, though this is just such sad news. Honestly no one ever deserves to loose a pet this way :/
1 week ago
Yeah im the same on that, sad he died even though i never liked Logan
1 week ago
so sad, RIP Kong :(
1 week ago
He was better then Logan Paul lets put it that way now he is gone! ;(
1 week ago
Logan was good to Kong, perfect owner for Kong and they loved each other but I guess Kong is just more innocent than Logan Paul.
1 week ago
Yeah ;(
1 week ago
Going to miss u Kong x :(
1 week ago
Yeah ^