Plane explosion closes London airport
The Lauda Air flight suffered an engine problem during takeoff

a flight has closed a london airport after one of it's engines exploded


London Stansted Airport was closed Friday night after it's runway was shut, due to an aircraft emergency. An aircraft belonging to Lauda Air was forced to abort takeoff after a "big bang" was heard from one of it's engines, causing 8 injuries.

Thomas Steer, a passenger onboard the flight, said "My friend opened the emergency exit and we slid down the slides, a few old people fell over and the fire brigade treated them."

As it was about to take off, the Airbus A320 suddenly hauled after an explosion was heard from one of it's engines. Emergency slides were released and passengers were told to immediately leave the aircraft.

A spokesman for the airport called the incident a "minor technical fault" and said the airport reopened at around 10pm the same evening.