Zombie Deer Disease spreading in the US
As a deadly 'zombie' disease, scientists warn that humans could be next.

Oh Deer!

If you don't know what the zombie deer disease is, it's a disease that attacks the animal's brain effecting it's normal day to day activities. The disease eats holes in the animal's brain making the animal lethargic, and fearless. There have been reports that the disease has been around since 1967 and is spreading rapidly with no cure. The disease has affected 26 US states in the mid-west region. 

Studies have shown it can be transmitted to other animals, including monkeys and mice. It can be transferred by bodily fluids, water, soil, and food. Studies have proved that zombie deer disease can also affect human cells. Hunters are on the fight to kill infected deer in the 26 states so it doesn't spread. Health critics are urging hunters to avoid eating deer, and elk tissue from the areas the disease has been found in.
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