Napkin locates murderer?!?
A hot dog napkin was a big help in finding the unsolved case of a murder from 1993

How a murderer from 1993 was found with a hot dog napkin

The convicted murderer, named Jerry Westrom, was at a hockey game last month when he threw away a hot dog napkin, which has his DNA on. Police were able to obtain a DNA sample from the napkin and paired the DNA with the evidence from a murder case in 1993.

Westrom who is also a father of 3 was charged with the murder of the 35-year-old sex worker, Jeanne Ann Childs. Jeanne was found stabbed to death in her Minneapolis apartment.

Investigators had used a genealogy site to match the DNA with Jerry.

Westrom was not sure who it was that had provided his DNA to the police.

How did investigators get his DNA secretly?

Investigators had been following Westrom since January. When they were following him at the hockey game they noticed he had placed a hot dog napkin in the trash. Police noticed this and obtained the napkin for investigation.

Soon after, police were able to locate and arrest him. They took his DNA samples once again and they had matched it with the crime scenes and the napkin.