Apophis Squad Member arrested
The FBI has arrested another member of infamous cyber terrorist group, Apophis Squad.

A member of the Apophis Squad has been arrested

On February 12, the FBI arrested Timothy Dalton Vaughn, age 20, for multiple charges related to fraudulent threats and computer misuse.

Timothy is the second member to be arrested for his crimes and involvement in the infamous cyber-terrorist group, Apophis Squad.

Timothy, known online as "Hackers_R_US" and "WantedByFeds" worked closely with another individual, George Duke-Cohan who was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison in August of 2018.

Timothy, George and other unconvicted members of the group worked together to raise chaos on the internet causing attacks against several entities including ProtonMail, VeltPvP, Zonix, and others.

The group has also been responsible for emailing multiple schools threats, grounding a San Franciso bound airline and several bomb threats.

If found guilty on all charges, Duke-Cohan faces 65 years in a US prison, while Vaughn's maximum sentence could reach up to 80 years.