French protests hit 3 months
The yellow vest protesting has been going on for 3 months, has there been any change?

The 'Yellow Vest' protesting has hit 3 months

The protesting in France also known as the 'Yellow Vest Protest' has been going on for 3 months. Many of the protestors aren't going to stop until they get change.  The main reason for this protest is because of France president Emmanuel Macron setting a higher tax on fuel. Many French citizens have sold their cars and have started taking the train station. Many are wondering what will be next that the French government will do to hurt the citizens.

what Change has been made?

The only change that the France government has proposed is a freeze on the taxed fuel. There is no sight of it permanently being frozen or to be resumed again. 

The prime minister of France, Édouard Philippe, has set a 6-month suspension on the fuel tax. However, he rules out re-imposing a "fortune tax" on high-earners. Protestors will do whatever it takes to get the government of France to make a change quick.

This protest has left companies in a deep hole of debt. Companies like Air France lost over 15 million euros due to last minute cancelations. This protest is getting out of hand that the France police are injuring people. A French journalist interviewed a protestor and this is what he said, "There is much undercover police, they will come up to you and will start checking you to see if you have any weapons on you. My friend was brought to the ground by one of them as he refused to let the man search him"