EA Games Boss Sacked
The EA (Electronic Arts) Boss was recently sacked after mentioning a rude comment to a Female Colleague

EA Games boss sacked after a rude comment mentioned to a female colleague

The boss at EA Games, one of the largest video game companies around producing heaps of games! Though it was mentioned recently that The Boss of EA Games had mentioned “who has a bigger d***”  on a conference call.

Jean Phillipe Grenet a 56 Year Old who was the Senior Director at EA (Electronic Arts) Ireland, who was fired recently after taking his paycheck of approximately $256,000 yearly, the Irish Daily Mail had stated.


Lawyers who were with Jean mentioned to the High Court that the “clumsy” comment was not intended to be a sexual comment of any sort, though he wanted to steer away from an argument with his co-worker.

Jean also told the High Court that he'd have weekly calls with an American Women, who supposedly had applied for his job. Which then Jean thought wanted to “undermine my authority”.

When it comes to the Video Game Industry, EA Is a big competitor. They've managed to make many big games like FIFA, Battlefield, Sims, etc.

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