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Hello My Name Is Liam And I Am A EU Guest Radio DJ, I've Been Here On And Off Since May 2016, Longest I've Been Away Is Probably 2-3 Weeks Apart From When UpBeat Closed For A While So I've Not Really Been Away That Much ;) You Can Tune Into Me Most Weeks And Weekends, I Don't Tend To Book In A Pattern Just When I'm Free And It Tends To Be Last Minute, In My Shows You Can Expect Some Good Chart Music, Music From Now And For The Last Half Hour I Do Party Time Which Is Full Of Old School Music/Remixes (That's Right, Official, Original, One And Only Party Time Host Right Here!) My Website: Radioliam.Pw EU Radio DJ: 24/05/16 - 25/05/16 14/11/16 - 04/12/17 23/01/17 - 12/02/17 27/03/17 - 02/04/17 10/04/17 - 03/05/17 08/07/17 - 25/07/17 25/07/17 - 02/04/18 04/06/18 - 30/07/18 02/09/18 - Present EU Head DJ: 25/05/16 - 12/06/16 04/12/16 - 16/01/17 02/04/17 - 10/04/17 EU Radio Manager: 12/02/17 - 08/03/17 03/05/17 - 07/05/17 (Temp) 07/05/17 - 15/06/17 Global Forum Moderator 16/04/17 - 21/05/17 14/10/18 - Present EU Media Reporter 23/07/17 - 10/09/17 09/09/18 - 30/12/18 Global Forum Manager 10/09/17 - 02/04/18 My Equipment: BLUE Yeti Professional USB Microphone - Silver Tie Studio Pop Filter Beats By Dre Solo3 Bluetooth Computer Set Up: Sharp Smart TV Lenovo Legion Y520T Gaming Computer IMac 21.5 Inch, Late 2013 Acer S240HLbid Monitor (X2) Samsung Curved Monitor BASICALLY... I Have My Curved Monitor In The Middle With One Of Acer Monitors At Each Side, My Gaming Computer Is Connected To All 3 Monitors And Is Sitting Next To The Screen On My Right With My Smart TV On The Wall Above The Screens, I Sometimes Connect This To My Gaming PC Too. My IMac Is Currently Sitting Next To My Gaming Computer As It Is Broken And Needs Fixed. (I'll Insert A Photo Of My Set Up Here When I Get Time Lol)
Wouldn't Be Where I Am Today If He Never Took Me On Way Back At YouBoon Fabulous She Is Da Best And Words Can Not Describe How Lucky We Are To Have Her At UpBeat
Admin And Developer So He Is Awesome? QuinnTFP He Is Scottash
He's Funny And He's Younger Than Me And Makes Me Feel Old (Even Though He's A Year Younger LMAO)
My Caravan Buddy Sam Funny Person And So Little Panda *Panda Noises*
OC Is Cool And This Guy Manages The Department Init. Kie Bitch Buddy Init Zach You Were Gonna Be Forum Mod But As They Usually Do, The Admins Stole You For Management :( Lemon Is My Other Forum Mod Along With Charlie So He Has To Be Here? InfoBlock Yeet
He's My Party Time Co-Host, Fits So Well Cause We're Both From Glasgow So I Can Still Say "LIVE ALL THE WAY FROM GLASGOW" LMAO Charlie You're Right, You Should Be Here! Bex She Is An OG And Amazing Person Init
UpBeat80s Host And 80s King Vertex The Australian Who Moved To Scotland... Is He Crazy? LOL Cher Part Of The Habpop Squad Woop! Jxke A Listener And That Makes Him Special :D #HabpopSquad
Vertex InfoBlock Kie Cher #Habmark @Habmark Micki LJW If You Want To Be Added Above Let Me Know. #UpBeatsLongestBio (Used To Be Longer But Hunners A Cunts Left) ph
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