10 Questions To... Hansen!
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After the success of last week's edition,  "10 questions to..." is back with a brand new edition and for one week only, Hansen will be taking a seat and answering my questions so we can all get to know them better! 

Last week, Damon nominated Hansen, and I couldn't wait to how they would respond to the questions...

So without further ado... it's time for 10 QUESTIONS TO... HANSEN!


Kie: Who are you and what do you do at UpBeat?

Hansen: I am Jack Hansen aka Hansen whilst live on-air and I'm a developer here at UpBeat Radio.

Kie: What do you most enjoy about being a radio mentor at UpBeat?

Hansen: I'm not a mentor so I wouldn't know ;)

Kie: Whoops...

Kie: What sparked your interest in developing and made you want to learn more about it? 
Hansen:  I can't actually remember what sparked my interest in developing. I just remember since around I was 11-12, I had always been messing around with technology (obviously no technology like todays) but I was in my mothers stomach whilst she was taking her computer science lessons at the time so I tend to link the two together haha. What made me wanted to learn more and continue advancing my development skills was the overall joy of creating something. Development isn't a chore to me, it's an enjoyable hobby.


Kie: If you could invite 3 celebrities to a dinner party, who would you choose & why? 
Hansen: Now that's a question, I think the celebrities I'd invite are; Dwayne Johnson because I want to rob a bottle of his whiskey, Jason Statham because he has an amazing British voice and Chloë Grace Moretz because of reasons I cannot say.

Kie: Did you learn any new skills during lockdown? 
Hansen: I did, I learnt a life lesson. Due to the recent death of Sean Lock (a popular British comedian), it's made me and I'm sure thousands of other people realise that life is too short. Live everyday like it's your last.

Kie: If you could add 1 word to the dictionary, what would it be and is why? 

Hansen: I would add the word 'Hansen' with the meaning, "an amazing human".

Kie: As a child, what did you say you wanted to do as a career, and has that changed now? 
Hansen: As a child, I always used to be the 'tech savy' person in the class. I remember in Primary School I would help out with any laptops that were having issues and even create slideshows (movies) for special events. I thought that I'd like a route in IT and maybe that's still a route for me but at this current moment in time, I have two jobs and my main job is being a building contractor for a branch of properties and I'm quite happy at the moment. It's surprising as I thought I'd never see myself in anything like that but it's amazing, utterly amazing

Kie: How would you spend £1mil
Hansen: Gosh, now that's a question. What I wouldn't do is waste any of it, I'd most likely buy a nice house and a car and put the rest into a bank account to gather intrest for my future famil

Kie: If you could appear on a tv show, which show would it be and why? 
Hansen: 8 Out of 10 Cats: Does Countdown, now that is a show I'd 100% love to be on. I've been watching it for years and it's absolutely hilarious.

Kie: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? 
Hansen: This doesn't really count as a meal (although it is just what I have for tea sometimes), I'd live on canned peach slices. Whoever thought to put them in a can with juice I need to personally pat on the back.


Kie: I know the article is called 10 questions to... but I have one more question for you! Who would you like to nominate for next week's article?

Hansen: I'll nominate Tyson ❤️


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yes kie hes definitely a mentor ahahahaha
2 months ago
wait why me, I've already done 10 q
2 months ago
oooo cant waot for tyson next week!!
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