Weekly Rundown: Ninety-Seven
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Good Evening and Welcome to this Weeks Edition of Weekly Rundown!


Staff Updates

New Staff!

This week we have Josiah, Becs, Chaddy & Cody joining the Radio Department and Always joining the Media Department!

We also have Beth & Jackson passing their Radio Trials and Dylan & Owain passing their Media Trials!

I'm also happy to announce that Will has passed his radio mentor trial, and that Jake has passed his media mentor trial!

Be sure to congratulate all of them in our discord!



This week in numbers


We have a new leader for the like leaderboard! Emma is on top with 160, closely followed by Fantasy with 158 in 2nd, and Alicia with 147 in 3rd. Adam (who's birthday was yesterday!) is in 4th with 124 & Bailey rounds off the top 5 with 90 likes.


Staff of the week!

Best performing Staff Member

Each week, we choose someone to be the best performing staff of the week, for their work in a specific department.

This week, we have selected Dylan for their amazing work in the Media Department! Here's what he had to say:

Hello, My name is Dylan also can be known as DylanP. I am a Media Reporter alongside a Radio DJ, I have a passion for music and computers. I absolutely love reading books and reading all about Space as you can see in my most recent articles (ps. check them out, massive achievements this week from NASA). My favorite author at the moment in Anna Todd who has a film and book series called "After". My music taste is very all over it can go from 80s to 2000s but I hate most recent music, except the past 2 years where they have made absolute bangers! The community here at UpBeat has been quite heart-warming, I feel like I am at home and I cannot wait to see the rest of my journey here :)


Meet your Administrator


Uhhh SOOO, Hi, how are ya? I'm that annoying Australian Admin, Tyson.

I joined UpBeat way back in 2017, I first got into radio when Liz (Fabulous) came onto a Habbo I was playing and I got all excited like she was famous, then eventually David and Erin begged me to join UpBeat, which then I gave in and applied. There was a gap after that where I experimented being at another radio, when I soon realised there will most likely never be anything as good as UpBeat, so yeah here I am. In 2018 I joined back to UpBeat bringing a bunch of others with me, at first I felt so out of place, and felt like I had no voice anywhere, (to think I could of left), but I stuck around as I didn't want my anxiety to get the best of me, and since then some things have become wayyyy easier for me to handle just because I was able to socialise with people in UpBeat, I have made some amazing friends a long the way like Fran (my sugar twinny) and honestly I wouldn't be here without them, especially without Liam (Prings) who originally hired me in 2017/2018, although he isn't here anymore, I still speak to him. Honestly there are so many reasons why I’m here today, I just could not list them all.

I'm not here to say I'm a perfect person because none of us are, but if you treat me right, I'll treat you right, over the years I've realised not everyone will stay your friend or actually be your friend, put your self first before you put someone else first, I used to quote this a lot but don't often anymore but... Stay sane

Here's what Jack had to say about him:

With Tyson being the admin in the timezone furthest from my own, you’d think I wouldn’t see very much of his work - wrong! Tyson, just like our other Admins, is incredibly hardworking and puts in blood sweat and tears into everything that he does for UpBeat. Not only does he help run our management team but he also keeps our social media looking fantastic by running our graphics team! I can’t wait to see what he thinks of next! 🤩


Upbeat News!

Calling all developers and graphic designers!

Yes, we are looking for YOU! Think you have what it takes to join the Upbeat Developer or Graphic team?

For developers, click here for more details.

For graphic designers, click here for more details.


And that's it from us this week! We hope you have another safe week among the current circumstances, and make sure to tune in at 9pm GMT on Sundays for Radio Rewind, where we play Upbeat's Top 10 & bring you some of the best stuff that has happened over the past week!

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Great Article, Keep up the great work however WHEN IS MY TURN!
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Meet Your Moderator - sounds good
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