Weekly Rundown: Ninety-Three
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Good evening and welcome to this week's edition of Weekly Rundown!


Staff Updates

New Staff!

This week, we have Jake, Carc, Chris & Bernzy joining Radio, and we have Scripz joining the Media department!

We also have Jose & Toby passing their Media trials!

Be sure to congratulate them all in the discord!

I'm also happy to announce that Destiny has passed his Moderator trial as well!



This week in numbers


Alicia has broken 3 digits, hitting 104, with Lightning getting closer with 90. Samuel and Unforgiveable are in a close fight with 77 and 76 respectively, and Unique is not far behind with 70, but is facing some close competition for that 5th place from people lower down!

Remember, if you like what you're hearing on air, then feel free to hit the heart button to show your love!


Staff of the week!

Best performing Staff Member

Each week, we choose someone to be the best performing staff of the week, for their work in a specific department. This week, we have selected Toby for their amazing work in Media! Here's what he had to say:

Hey there! My name is Toby and I'm a reporter here at UpBeat! I've only just joined the staff team this week, but I've been staff before too. I am 14 years old (turning 15 next week) and I come from the Czech Republic. My interests are music, programming, video games, motorsport and cars. I really enjoy working here at UpBeat because of its very friendly atmosphere, professional management and very good systems, which make my work much easier! You should definitely consider joining the staff team as well! Have a great time :D


Meet your Moderator


Hello. My name is Destiny. I enjoy developing, singing, playing the piano and the pipe organ. I also enjoy learning new skills. I have worked at other online radio stations and UpBeat has been the best by far. I also enjoy writing articles and presenting at UpBeat as it is so much fun.

I have been a moderator at UpBeat for 2 weeks now. My job is to make sure UpBeat is a friendly and happy place for everyone to be in so UpBeat can remain an inclusive community for everyone.

Here's what his Manager, Adam, had to say:

Destiny has only been here for a short amount of time, but in that time they have grown leaps and bounds. They have made loads of new friends, always shining bright and making people feel welcome and going above and beyond helping those in need. They may have got off on the wrong foot but now their future is brighter than ever here at UpBeat, glad to have them as part of my team!


Upbeat News!

Calling all developers and graphic designers!

Yes, we are looking for YOU! Think you have what it takes to join the Upbeat Developer or Graphic team?

For developers, click here for more details.

For graphic designers, click here for more details.


And that's it from us this week! We hope you have another safe week among the current circumstances, and make sure to tune in at 9pm GMT on Sundays for Radio Rewind, where we play Upbeat's Top 10 & bring you some of the best stuff that has happened over the past week!

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welcome to all new staff and congrats to toby for staff of the week
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Congrats everyone
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lol epic
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